time: 2015-06-12 13:47

BluVision, a provider of enterprise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon solutions, has announced the iBEEK+, a beacon with a battery life of six years. The extended battery life is suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications, the company reports, including indoor location, asset tracking, real-time monitoring, micro-location services, and data capture and analytics.

The iBEEK+ is fully compliant with Apple's iBeacon specifications, and is designed to advertise at 100-millisecond intervals 24-7 for six years when operating in iBeacon mode. In addition, the iBEEK+ supports the Physical Web and Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Beacon specification, and can be dual-mode iBeacon and URI Beacon. The iBEEK+ includes built-in sensors (for monitoring such things as temperature, humidity and motion levels) and supports advanced security for authentication, encryption and rotation of BLE advertisements, according to the company. BluVision's other BLE beacons, designed for a variety of enterprise applications and large deployments, have a battery life of up to three years when running on iBeacon mode, and also incorporate sensors. The company's beacons work with its real-time, cloud-based beacon-management platform to build and manage micro location-enabled cloud apps around iBEEK beacons. The platform enables remote provisioning, real-time monitoring and advanced real-time alerts.

BluVision has also released its new enhanced software developer's kit (SDK), which allows businesses to integrate beacon capabilities with their apps and access all of the features and functionality for the iBEEK+. Once iBEEK+ in iBeacon mode comes within range of BluVision's Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi gateway devices or a smartphone with the BluVision's SDK, the backlog sensor data is automatically updated to the cloud without any intervention.

The iBEEK+ is available now.

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