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SH-I0A01 Animal Ear Tag

Animal RFID ear tag is specially designed for the management development of stock farming. Using imported TPU material, which is soft, environmentally friendly and non-toxic and widely used in the tracking management system of stock farming, tracking the entire life cycle of animals, reducing the outbreak of disease and epidemic, thus minimize the loss.

· Basic parameters
TypeUHF passive RFID tag
Standards/ProtocolsEPC CLASS1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
· Physical parameters
Size80*70*2.5mm=3.15*2.76*0.10 inch (Customized design)
Inlay MaterialPET+AL
Outer MaterialTPU
· Performance Parameters
Memory Sizeup to 512bit
ChipAlien Higgs-3/ Alien Higgs-4
Operating ModeR/W
Reading Distance3M(Related to reader performance and working environment)
· Environmental parameters
Operating Temp-20℃~+50℃
Storage Temp-40℃~+100℃
· Specific applications
ApplicationsThe management of pig, cattles, sheep, etc...
· Packaging and delivery


The monitoring and management animal growth

1. Excellent selection: The cubs need to be observed and analyzed time and time again in a certain system, then confirm the fine varieties. Companies select the seed again, which could help to achieve excellent selection.

2. Cost saving: The system provides the management of material, which could eliminate waste effectively and save cost.

 Increase productivity: The system provides the stage time reminder when it comes to key link, so as to avoid missing the optimum production time caused by stuff. To a certain extent, increase the productivity and the survival rate of cubs.

3. Tracking: Once the epidemic and other problems happen, could trace its origin, response rapidly, deal with it in time, and reduce losses.