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SH-I0101 RFID Apparel Tag

Apparel/clothing RFID tag is specially designed for garment production and sales enterprises. Suitable for high-class clothing, school uniforms, medical apparel, hotel uniforms, special clothing and so on. Excellent performance on the production management of clothing, inventory, logistics tracking and the anti-counterfeiting of goods.

· Basic parameters
TypeUHF Passive RFID Tag
Standards/ProtocolsEPC CLASS1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
· Physical parameters
Size90*40mm=3.54*1.57 inch (Customized design)
Inlay MaterialPET+AL 
Outer MaterialPaper/PET/PVC/Thermal paper
· Performance Parameters
Memory Sizeup to 512 bit
Operating ModeR/W
Reading Distance6M (Related to reader performance and working environment
· Environmental parameters
Operating Temp-20℃~+50℃
Storage Temp-40℃~+100℃
· Specific applications
ApplicationsConcerts, parties, scenic spots, tickets, etc.
· Packaging and delivery
Package2000pcs/roll, 5000pcs/roll (Customized design)


Clothing production, warehouse , security management

1. The management of garment production

   1) Get to know the situation of production line in time, make reasonable stuffing;

   2) Get to know the production schedule in time, guarantee on time delivery;

   3) Quality control and analysis;

   4) Analyze the productivity, provide reasonable position and salary to employees;

   5) Provide necessary data for shop capacity.

2. The management of automatic warehouse

   1) Multi-database collaboration: with the automation of warehouse management, inventory situation and logistics could be check at any time.

   2) Smart management of warehouse: using RFID tags to achieve the accurate record of product delivery and distribution. Thus avoid product missing when stock-tacking.

   3) First-in, first-out : As each product has its expire date, an alarm clock could be set for each product, recording its situation and guarantee the products to be moved out of the stock before the required period.

   4) Stockout alarm : Remind the stuff to restock in time when it comes to the shortage of product of any warehouse.

   5) Statistics of unsalable product: According to the statistics, you could cut down the price or make replacement decisions, to accelerate product sales and cash flow.

3. The management of brand stores

   1) Sales statistics: According to the daily sales statistics, sales department could assort and restock in time.

   2) Counter sales automation: Have the function of complete sales, returns, counter stock, inventory, receivables and other sales automation operations.

   3) Short in size sales analysis :Reduce the possibility of short in size, remind to restock in time.

   4) Counter allocation: Reduce the quantity of unsalable product.

   5) Returns control: According to the returns statistics, you could find out the quality problems of product and accountability department, responsible units and persons.

   6 ) Counter inventory and checking: Not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid the mistake of inventory checking. Furthermore, could get the inventory result rapidly.

   7 ) Account checking: Collect daily sales records, make the account checking of each mall automatically, and be clear at a glance.

   8 ) Hot sale product dynamic statistics: Analyze the product preference of customers, make a real-time tracking and achieve better sales.

4. The anti-counterfeit of clothing

   RFID apparel/clothing tag is a “ID card” of brand clothing, each piece of clothing tag has a unique code, just like our ID card. It is much more convenience to manage the clothing with RID tags.