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SH-UAC08 UHF RFID Integrated Reader

Advantages: multi-protocol, fast-reading, and multi-tags reading, polarization antenna, water-proof equipment etc. It is widely applied to many RFID application systems.

· Basic parameters
Frequency920 MHz~925 MHz (Chinese standard)
902 MHz~928 MHz (American standard)
Transmission FHSS or Fix
Support ProtocolISO 18000-6C & ISO 18000-6B
RF PowerUp to 30dBm (adjustable)
Read RangeUp to 8m
Read SensitivityDual polarization reading
Read TimeSingle tag 96 bit ID NO.<6ms
AntennaCircular Polarization Antenna
Gain8 dB
· Physical parameters
Operating Temp-30℃~80℃
Storage Temp40℃~125℃
Humidity20%~95% (Non-condensing)


1. Management of logistics and warehouse: 

Including drifting management of mails, parcels, luggage, etc.

2. Smart parking lots:

Automatic parking management and charging system.

3. Product Line Management:

 Identify the right point of production processes.

4. Product counterfeit detection: 

Identify the authenticity of product by writing protection of internal memory.

5. Weighing system anti-cheating:

Identify the vehicle which has to weight, especially for the unattended weighing system.

6. Management of transport vehicles:

Management of the bus-stop reporting system, parking, trucks transport times.

7.Management of other fields: 

It is widely applied to the management of sign-in for meetings, VIP clubs, library, students’

information, consumption, attendance, repast, swimming pool, etc.