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Dia25mm NFC Tag Compatible With NTAG213 Single-Write Ultra-low Cost Anti-counterfeiting Bluetooth Pairing WIFI IPHONE NFC TAG

This is a High-frequency NFC tag that complies with the ISO/IEC 14443-A standard and NFC Forum Type 2 standard. This tag adopts the high-frequency chip with innovative design ideas, built-in SM7 national secret algorithm, one-time write permanent reading, greatly reducing the cost of high-frequency anti-counterfeit labels, is a high-frequency suitable for low cost, high encryption, high anti-counterfeiting requirements Labels, widely used in Bluetooth pairing, WIFI password configuration, device authentica

· Basic parameters
TypeHF Passive RFID Tag / NFC Tag 
Frequency13.5 Mhz
Standards/ProtocolsISO-14443A \ NFC Forum Type2 \ NDEF
· Physical parameters
SizeΦ16 / 25 / 27 / 30 mm (Customized design)  
Inlay MaterialPET+AL
Outer MaterialPaper / PET / PVC / PP /
· Performance Parameters
Memory Size1760 bit  / 220 byte
Operating ModeR / Write One Time
Reading Distance0~10 cm
· Environmental parameters
Operating Temp20℃~+50℃
Storage Temp-40℃~+100℃
· Specific applications
ApplicationsBluetooth Pairing、WIFI Password 、E-Ticket、Access Control、Asset Management、Logistics Supply Chain
· Packaging and delivery
Package2000 pcs/Roll

NFC features and applications:

1) Deploy NFC TAG with QR code in commercial halls such as exhibition halls, museums, tourist attractions, shopping plazas, etc. The NFC TAG stores text, URL, HTML, VCARD and other information;

2) The user-provided NFC mobile phone terminal or commercial operator provides the user with an NFC mobile phone terminal, and the user downloads the corresponding client through the NFC mobile phone terminal to read the NFC TAG;

3) The information in the NFC TAG is directly "downloaded" to the NFC mobile client, or connected to the backend system via the mobile network to "download" the corresponding information for the user to view.

Example application environment:

1, intelligent tour

Touch NFC TAG on your NFC phone to quickly access and view exhibits or museum exhibits and tourist attractions.

2. Electronic ticket

The ticket business is one of the most close to people's daily lives. Electronically streaming all kinds of tickets for movies, sports and music can greatly enhance the end-to-end rich experience of consumers. The mobile e-ticket service stores tickets such as movie tickets in time to NFC mobile phones. It is very convenient to view and browse, and combined with the unique NFC mobile POS, the use of bills is natural and simple.

3. Smart advertising

Touch the NFC TAG on the NFC mobile phone to download and read the product advertisement information of department stores, shopping malls and other places.

4, scene control

5, NFC door key

Many five-star hotels at home and abroad have provided NFC mobile phone key-opening services for the guests. After the key password information is sent to the NFC mobile phone specific security chip, the guest can use the mobile phone to open the door and swipe the card. For many companies, NFC phones have been used directly as employee access control.

The door card business is a very important aspect of NFC application. On the one hand, the NFC-based soft key issuance method promotes the reduction of the cost of card storage, logistics and management in the enterprise. On the other hand, it is related to the hotel and enterprise internal system. Combined, users can be more flexible. For example, hotels can authorize internal employees in a timely manner based on level and task.

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