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SH-I0601 UHF HF RFID Small Standard Smart PVC Card Plastic Card ISO Card

Windshield RFID tag is specifically designed for vehicle identification management, which can be attached to the inside windshield. The tag can work stably without influence of heat and proof membrane. The windshield tags can provide not only speedy and accurate identification, but also the management of vehicles for different places, such as residential communities, government offices, etc.

· Basic parameters
TypeUHF Passive RFID Tag
Standards/ProtocolsEPC CLASS1 GEN2, ISO 18000-6C
· Physical parameters
Size85*54*0.8mm=3.35*2.13*0.03inch(Customized Design)
Inlay MaterialPET+AL
Outer MaterialPaper/PET/PVC/Thermal paper
· Performance Parameters
Memory SizeUp to 512bit
ChipAlien Higgs-3/ Alien Higgs-4
Operating ModeR/W
Reading Distance0~8m (Related to reader performance and working environment)
· Environmental parameters
Operating Temp-20℃~+50℃
Storage Temp-40℃~+100℃
· Specific applications
ApplicationsVehicle access control; residential management; asset management; highway electronic toll collection management; warehousing; logistics; aviation; retail, etc.
· Packaging and delivery


Functions of NFC

1. Widely used in NFC tag with QR code for pavilions, museums, scenic spots, shopping malls, and other commerce. TEXT, URL, HTML, VCARD and other information could be saved in NFC tag.

2. NFC tags could be read by mobile phones, which software could be provided by commercial operator or download by user.

3. The message of NFC tags could be “downloaded” by mobile phones that with NFC function.


1. Intelligent guide

Get the information of pavilions, museums or scenic spots via NFC phones quickly.

2. Electronic ticket

Make movies, sports, music and other activities ticket electronization, could greatly enhance the rich experience of consumers. E-tickets could not only save the information to NFC phones, but also with mobile POS, which convenient for us to use.

3. Smart advertisement

Easily get the advertisement of shopping malls or other commercial places via NFC phones.

4. Scene control

5. NFC door key

NFC tags could be a door key for hotels and stuff. Once the password is sent to the certain NFC phone, the guests or stuff could open the door by the mobile phone.

With the NFC door key, the enterprise would not only reduce the cost of logistics and management, but also make the user much more flexible.

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