Shenghua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

As one of the leading manufacturers of RFID,NFC tags and readers in China, We have won a number of national patents and international certifications.

In 2006, we founded our own trading company.

In 2009, we get the industrial and commercial registration with excellent R&D capabilities.

In 2011, we own the brand of Shenghua.

In 2012, we get import and export rights.

In 2012, we get the CE, RoHS certificates and antenna patents.

In 2013, we join the FiveInOne E-commerce Association.

Today, we make unceasing progress as a manufacturer.

Company Profile

As one of the leading manufacturers of RFID tags and readers in China, we have won a number of national patents and international certifications. We have a complete production line, which can produce different kinds of HF, UHF tags. Besides, the sophisticated production line with antenna etched, flip chip and secondary encapsulation is also available.

We are customer-oriented, produce a variety of customized anti-metal tags, windshield tags, library tags, laundry tags, anti-counterfeiting labels, tags for asset management successfully, solving various project problems of clients.

Widely used on logistics and supply management, manufacturing and assembling, anti-counterfeiting of products, handling of aviation luggage and express parcels, document tracking, library management, animal identification, sports timer, access control, E-tickets, automatic toll system, etc.

label converting flip CHIP LINES

Enterprise Philosophy

Our Respect for Customers: Customers are our priority.

Our Sincerity: We are honest, integral, truthful and open.

Our Teamwork: We share benefit and responsibility; we are ordinary people achieving extraordinary accomplishment.

Our Passion: We stay optimistic and never give up.

Our Challenge: We welcome changes and endeavor for innovation.

Our Dedication: We are professional and persistent; we strive for excellence.

Cornerstone of Enterprise Development

Professional technical support

Mature technology

Reliable quality

Competitive price

Excellent after sale service

Fast delivery

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