NFC ID Printing the UID

time: 2019-06-04 13:28

It is possible for us to scan the UID and then ID print this back onto the surface of the tag. Generally, however, we recommend that you don't. The usual way to do this is to create a cross-reference spreadsheet where a simple ID is printed onto the tag as illustrated below. Then this ID is cross referenced to a spreadsheet where will be provide the UID's.

There's two reasons. Firstly and simply, it's a lot easier to read a 5 digit code than a 14 character hexadecimal code. Secondly, it's expensive. For various reasons, the process is more complicated.

However, if the UID is absolutely required, then this is possible. It is also possible to ID print the UID onto the tag as a QR Code. Please note that these methods cannot be ordered online, so please contact us for details.

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