The pill dispenser, custom-designed and built by Confrérie Clinique, consists of a two-piece assembl

time: 2016-11-17 17:30

The dispenser's electronic system counts the number of pills going into or out of the container, and also tracks the container's temperature. The device was designed to make it easier for seniors to access pills. Furthermore, the chances that a child will ingest a toxic dose of medication or consume the desiccant are reduced—it is difficult to remove multiple pills at once, the company reports, and nearly impossible to remove the desiccant. For compliance purposes, doctors and caretakers can use NFC-enabled phones to monitor whether or not pills have been dispensed to the patient.

The system shuts off when closure is applied, thereby allowing for a minimum battery lifespan of two years. The technology is currently undergoing field trials, consisting of human-factors studies with patients.

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