NFC Tag UID Scan

time: 2020-02-18 10:11

Each NFC tag that we sell and many of the NFC tags on the market contain an effectively unique seven byte unique ID.

Seven bytes equates to 14 hexadecimal characters. A hexadecimal character is a number from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to F. Therefore an NFC tag might have a unique ID such as '04 9C 64 D2 45 2B 80'. This UID can be used by an App, for example, to uniquely identify a tag and therefore something that that tag is attached to. If SHENGHUA RFID supply a batch of tags to you, we can also supply a list of the UID's within those tags.

Ordering UID Scanning

If you aren't sure, then just contact us. We are here to help you out and often we can find solutions which will save you time, money or both !

Example 1. UID scan with no encoding

In this first example, you have ordered a single batch of NFC tags and have requested a UID scan. You do not need to provide a spreadsheet to us. We will email a spreadsheet with your order listing all the UID's on the tags (highlighted in blue on the example here). The UID sequence will be in the same order as they are supplied so if they are in an envelope, be careful as you open them !

To order this online, select 'No Encoding', 'UID Scan', 'No ID Print' and '1 Batch'.

UID Scan with ID print and variable encoding

In this third example, you have ordered a UID scan with a unique encode and ID print.

This example would be ordered online with 'Variable Encoding', 'UID Scan', 'Variable ID Print' and '1 Batch'. You would upload the spreadsheet to us with the ID print and encoding data and we would complete the UID scan highlighted in blue and send the file back to you. As you are ordering encoding, remember to indicate clearly on the spreadsheet whether the tags are to be locked or unlocked.

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